Photography by Carla Contreras

Project Description
Carla Contreras is an Entertainment Industry Professional & Creative in Los Angeles, California. Her website showcases a wide variety of her concert photography, graphic design, and social media skills. She wanted a vibrant and bubbly logo with a cherry illustration to match the personality of her work.

My Role
To begin the logo process I first compiled a folder of competing entertainment brands as well as inspirations to form the first drafts. I researched 6 thick and bold typefaces to present to the client and had them pick their favorites to display on a mood board along with bright color options. The first logo drafts began with 20 designs incorporating color combinations, variety of typefaces, and cherry illustrations. From there, I met with the client again to have her narrow down her top 3 logo preferences with additional add-ons and critiques. After this process, I presented the final product. 

A very cherry Carla Contreras Logo Design

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