Project Overview
The Museum Summer Program is designed to inspire and educate teenagers, fostering their passion for art, museum collections, events, and exhibitions. Each poster in this series targets a specific lecture date, infusing its design with an emotionally engaging approach to connect with young individuals aged 13 to 15. These posters will be distributed to local schools and libraries as part of the LACMA Teen Summer Activities Program.

Kelley Mouse Studios Work
Kelley Mouse Studios came to life with Kelley handling layouts and illustrations, while Mouse expertly managed typography and drafting. Renowned for blending typography, color, print, and illustrations, Mouse Studios embraced a contemporary and art nouveau fusion that crafted an alternate universe. Though their creative direction seemed fluid, their collaboration consistently resulted in remarkable executions.

Eleanor Campbell's Work
Eleanor Campbell drew inspiration from candid photographs of friends' and relatives' children. An exhibit of 50 original artworks at the Lakeview Museum of Arts and Sciences gained such traction that its duration was extended from three to seventeen months. The Dick and Jane illustrations, however, faced scrutiny for potentially reinforcing societal stereotypes linked to class, race, and gender.

Isabelle Feliu's Work
Isabelle Feliu's medium of choice is gouache on paper, with her artwork often featuring women, animals, nature, architecture, fashion, and interiors. Her creations celebrate a harmonious blend of cultures, champion womanhood, and embrace body positivity. While not overtly political, her work subtly resonates with feminist principles. 

My Role
In my role, I initiated a brainstorming phase to unify the contributions of the three artists into a cohesive collection, resulting in the series titled "Creative Minds Think Alike." This collection showcases artists who share common color palettes, shapes, and sociopolitical influences. The transition from one poster to the next is visually harmonized through warm and cool tones, creating a seamless narrative.​​​​​​​
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